1. for the Consulting Instructor at Georgia Institute of Technology:

Sol was one of the instructors for the solar energy course, taught as part of the sustainable electrical energy masters program developed jointly by Georgia Tech and Saudi Aramco. I was really impressed with Sol's ability to explain all PV related topics in great depth. Throughout the course, Sol provided examples from his work experience to expand upon the practical implications of several aspects of solar engineering. In addition to delivering the theoretical knowledge in a through manner, Sol developed several analytical models for the students to simulate real life solar engineering applications. Sol used commercial PV softwares to help students design complete solar projects - even the students who had no prior knowledge in this area were able to grasp all of solar related concepts over a period of just 6-8 weeks. I had a chance to meet Sol in person when he visited Aramco to deliver the course - Sol has an amiable personality, is very soft spoken and an easy-going. I fully enjoyed my time with Sol, both as a friend and as a student, and wish him the very best in all of his future endeavors. He is undoubtedly a gifted instructor and a wonderful human being.

Aun Mela
Aun Mela Renewable Energy Specialist

Sol has shown an extremely deep understanding of solar engineering, from theory to the actual implementation, knowledge of the actual issues that happen in the implementation of solar PV is evidence of vast experience in the field. As a Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) teacher he had a commitment and an enthusiasm that are astonishing, providing to the students material and support during this graduate EE master's course and after

Marco Pacinotti
Marco Pacinotti Senior Business Developer
2. for the Director, Energy Solutions at IP UtiliNET:

Sol is a very intelligent engineer with business talent. His passion toward DC microgrid is exciting and mission oriented toward making a true difference to humanity and the environment.

Chris Gray
Chris Gray NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales Professional
3. for the Lead Systems Engineer at Suniva:

Sol is a truly gifted engineer, with a passion for renewable energy. His skills in photovoltaic systems modelling are first-rate, and are exceeded only by his passion for seeing alternative energy solutions in use. He is diligent and passionate in his job, and cares deeply about exceeding his customers expectations. Takes great ownership in the projects assigned him, and consistently looks for ways to improve the processes he touches.

Matt Card
Matt Card Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations

Sol is extremely talented and well rounded. He joined our team and has made immediate and lasting contributions to the company in areas ranging from product development to sales and marketing. His passion for intelligent energy systems and PV drives him to perform at extremely high levels at Suniva. Sol works well across the company functions and is equally at home with our R&D scientists as he is with our sales team and customers. His skills as a PV and energy storage engineer are vast and impressive and his attention to detail and excellence in all he does is remarkable. I am fortuntate to have hired him for my team and count on him for our most demanding proposals and solutions.

Anthony A. Coker
Anthony A. Coker VP Market Development
4. for the Senior Hardware Engineer at Chrysalis-ITS:

Sol is extremely detail oriented, but also incredibly well-read and personally integrated. At Chrysalis, among other important contributions, Sol worked out a very good FPGA design flow for working with hierarchical functional blocks, which was very important in our R&D into high performance crypto cores. Sol also volunteers his time overseas to help developing communities with their infrastructure. Truly, Sol is a renaissance man and a valuable team player. I would really enjoy the opportunity to work with Sol again.

Arthur Low
Arthur Low CEO

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