Some PV material published by Sol Haroon:

1. PV Systems Performance and the LCOE Equation

The economic viability of solar PV is more of a reality today than ever before. Driving this has been the reduction of costs for both modules and the Balance of System (BOS) components such as racking, inverters, combiner boxes, disconnects, and inverters. This article reviews an accepted method of assessing the costs of solar-produced electricity, the performance factors and BOS costs that drive it, and proposes that a system assessment of the individual components via LCOE is an extremely viable method for relative comparisons. Read more

pv systems performance lcoe equation

2. DC Microgrids – A Solar "Back to the Future"

3. And I think to myself what a wonderful solar world

tutorial on practical small-scale solar options

As I toured the 2015 Solar Power International conference this September in Anaheim, CA, I saw a dazzling array of solar technology. I felt a sense of joy in seeing the maturation of this strapping young lad/accomplished young lass, as he/she took to the global energy stage proving once and for all his/her role in the power generation landscape. Read more

4. Listen to a broadcast on Green Living

Sol's passions include green living, international humanitarian service, and interfaith bridges and dialogues.

Listen to a broadcast on Green Living, by Sol Haroon, Oct 2007. This one was broadcast on WIGO-AM, an Atlanta-wide radio station.