Battery storage is quickly becoming the darling of the solar industry. Storage is poised to penetrate the PV market to offer solution sets that were not possible before. This course will explore and help you gain an understanding of how to make batteries and storage work for your applications.

7 NABCEP CEUs (credit hours – qualifies for NABCEP PV Installation Professional)

Date: Thursday, December 2015 (one day)


Pursuit Training Academy
3103 Medlock Bridge Rd
Norcross, GA 30071

PV102: Designing Photovoltaic Systems with storage/batteries


Course Contents

Storage/battery options

  • Various storage options
  • Overview of sealed, lithium, and nickel batteries
  • How to analyze battery offerings
  • Lessons from the field

Load analysis for AC and DC systems

  • Load analysis as key for determining storage and PV system sizing
  • Tools for load analysis

Storage guidelines

  • Integrating with charge controllers and battery-based inverters

The role of generators

  • When to integrate a generator into the system
  • Use of Automatic Generator Controllers

Battery configuration and sizing

  • Series/parallel and other considerations for battery system sizing
  • Ensuring proper balance and operation of battery pack

Electrical Integration and NEC code compliance

  • National Electrical Code 2014
    • PV Article 690
    • NEC and OSHA requirements for battery installation and safety
    • Overcurrent protection (OCPD) requirements
    • Grounding requirements
    • Labeling requirements

Troubleshooting and testing/diagnostics

  • How to diagnose and ensure the proper operation of a battery-based system

Overview of simulation tools for storage

  • Use of tools such as PV Design Pro and PVSyst for battery based systems.

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